Appearances at Live Events

These are some of the live events and competitions that Team Monsoon have taken part in with Monsoon and Drizzle (beetleweight), with links to fight videos where possible.
For Tauron and Straddle's live events and competitions outside Robot Wars, see Team Tauron Live Events.

Battle in the 'Burgh
16 November 2019
Drizzle Mk2 Drizzle vs Anxt
Drizzle v Messie Nessie
Drizzle v Head for the Exit
Drizzle v Daedalus
Drizzle v Night Fury v Uplift
Drizzle v Dwayne Nibbly
Drizzle v Swag Demon
Extreme Robots
9-10 November 2019
Monsoon, fighting for Team Eruption Monsoon & Ignition v Tanshe (Tanshe's teammate failed to make it into the arena)
Monsoon & Ignition v Bullseye & Gnasher
Monsoon & Ignition v TR3 & Donald Thump
Monsoon & Iginition v 2Point0 & Vortex
Extreme Robots
19-20 October 2019
Monsoon, fighting for Team Gabriel
Permission now granted by Battlebots to fight with Monsoon at E.R. events.
Monsoon & Sandstorm v GB'O Nemesis & Gnasher
Monsoon & Donald Thump v Deadlock & Wormgear
2019 FRA European Beetleweight Championship
5 October 2019
Drizzle Mk2 Drizzle v Mr Cat's Mouse House v Whirlwind - 1st round match
Drizzle v Lilith - 2nd round match
Drizzle v Mini Spinny - final 16
Drizzle v Wajoo - quarter final
Extreme Robots
10-11 November 2018
Tauron Mk3 AKA Monsoon Mk1 - weapon at half speed
First test of Monsoon 2's new brushless drive system
Tauron v Apex v SMIDSY - oops, sorry SMIDSY!
Complete weekend
2018 FRA European Beetleweight Championship
6 October 2018
Drizzle Drizzle v Royal Fail - 1st round match
Drizzle v Attitude Adjuster v L2 - 2nd round match
Drizzle v Limpet XS
Filmed September 2018
Aired December 2018
Drizzle's debut competition - filmed before Euros, but aired later

Bugglebots 2018: Heat 1
Bugglebots 2018: UK vs Rest of the World
Bugglebots 2018: The Whiteboards

For more information about live events in the UK, see Extreme Robots and Robots Live, and also the FRA Live Events forum.

Tauron 3 (aka Monsoon 1) v Gabriel at Maidstone, Nov 2017
Monsoon waiting to enter the Extreme Robots arena
Monsoon v Deadlock