Monsoon: 2019 Sponsors

We're hugely grateful to our major sponsors and supporters who help us out with parts and finance. We couldn't build Monsoon and compete at Battlebots without them! Team Monsoon always welcome new sponsors and supporters so if you're interested please get in touch via email or any of our social media (see links in footer).

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For 2019 Monsoon's sponsors are K Cut, Besiege: Spiderling Studios, Gens Ace and Trampa Boards Ltd. Monsoon is also supported by Chasegate Engineering Ltd and NoCry (work and safety gear).

K Cut

K CutK Cut are the UK's leading experts in abrasive water Jet Cutting it is the latest technique for cutting soft materials like paper through to the hardest substances such as titanium, ceramics, steel and granite. KCut have supplied almost all the waterjet metal for Tauron, Monsoon and Tom's lighter weight robots, and are now a major sponsor of Monsoon for 2019.


Besiege: Spiderling Studios

Besiege Besiege is a physics sandbox building game where the player constructs medieval-esque war machines which they then use to complete objects, such as; destroying castles, laying waste to armies and solving physics puzzles.

Besiege offers the player a massive amount of creativity which we’ve seen demonstrated by its community who’ve constructed everything from giant robots, fighter jets, tanks and ships to logic circuits, puzzles and mini games.

Besiege has a Sandbox and Campaign Singleplayer modes, as well as Multiplayer modes and a powerful level editor which allows users to create their own levels to play with friends.

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BatteriesSince their foundation in 2008 Gens Ace has been striving for the goal of building the strongest power systems in the RC field. It focuses on designing and manufacturing of high discharge rate battery pack for all kinds of RC products, such as RC helicopters, cars and aeroplanes. Gens Ace aims to bring you superior quality products and the best customer service experience. To reach the highest standards of performance the leading employees, R&D and workforce all work hand in hand to fulfill our promise of quality. This is why the majority of RC enthusiasts have full confidence in Gens Ace.


Trampa Boards Ltd

VESCTrampa Boards Ltd has teamed up with the internationally renowned 'YODA of electronics' (Benjamin Vedder) to bring to the world the most advance electronic speed controllers ever to be produced! VESC = VEDDERs Electronic Speed Controller! There have been many ESCs before, but now the VESC officially exists. Benjamin is globally renowned for his incredible electronics and software skills. He has worked tirelessly for well over 7 years fine tuning preceding versions of the globally famous & Trade Marked VESC products & now after teaming up with TRAMPA BOARDS Ltd the development of the VESC SIX and VESC 75/300 has been taken to it highest capability yet.


Monsoon: 2019 Supporters

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As well as our main sponsors above, Monsoon is also supported by Chasegate Engineering Ltd and NoCry (safety and work gear).

Chasegate Engineering Ltd

Chasegate Engineering Ltd are a civil engineering company specialising in commercial management, procurement, estimating, business development and business systems.


NoCry go above and beyond when it comes to creating top notch safety and work gear that enables you to make any DIY, home improvement, or professional project happen safer, faster and better.